Before You Put a Ring on It


Build your Christ-centered, Heart-connected, Spirit-filled marriage even before you are married with a Dunamas® Marriages intensive before you get engaged.

Why is your premarital counseling soooo expensive?! When you spend money on your wedding, you spend only one day. This fee is for the lifetime of your marriage. So if you are married for 10 years, that would be $190/year. 25 years? That’s $76/year. But what if you were married for 40 years? That would be only $48 per year. In addition, the average cost of a divorce in the U.S. is $15,000, and that is per person, and just for the lawyers! So when you think about it, this isn’t too much to spend for a healthy marriage–right from the start!

Once you have paid your registration fee or the full amount, someone will call you to schedule you for your premarital intensive. Balance is due at the beginning of the first session.*

Not quite ready to register? Want more information? Call the center at 719-231-7183 with your questions.

*If you need to make other financial arrangements, please contact us.