Our Marriage Checkup

All Marriages Can Benefit

I know that signing up for a Building Together workshop or private intensive is a huge time and money commitment. It can be scary to think about making an investment like that while knowing nothing about the person you will be working with, or what you will do with your time. Before your check up  you will take the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) which can only be administered by approved counselors. With the help of this assessment I will be able to explain to you what happens when you are in pain, and either how you help each other or hurt each other more. We will also look at what I call your pain buttons by doing your’s and your spouse’s personal web of pain. This will help us to understand what causes the reactions on the TJTA and how you get stuck in the Crazy Cycle. 

You will schedule up to 90 minutes with Dr. Pauline where she will go over the TJTA, the Web of Pain, and the Crazy Cycle with you. You will have a chance to ask her any questions you may have, and learn about my model of marriage counseling and what you will gain from the workshops or a private intensive.

Yes, You Can!

Web of Pain

These exercise will help you see how the interaction of pain buttons impact you spiritually and emotionally leading to pain, bitterness, misunderstanding,  overreaction and the crazy cycle in your marriage.

T-JTA Assessment

Your own personal assessment will be explained so you can better understand how you are reacting to each other when you are caught in the Web of Pain.

While it says for marriage we have found this can help those who aren’t married yet to understand where they are starting from.

Your Total Value