Building Together Workshops

“Make vows to the LORD your God, and perform them.”

– Psalm 76:11a

What to Expect from Part I

Part I will set the foundation for everything you will need to know and how to use the tools to connect to care for each other in a deeper heart way. You will do this by:

Counting the cost

Understanding each other’s heart damage

Learning how to really break bitterness and forgive

Laying foundations and practicing to connect to care

Understanding and writing each other’s core pain statements

Learning to pray with and for each other in a way that heals hearts.

And so much more!

What to Expect from Part II

This 12 hour workshop with build on what you learned in Part I to keep your marriage growing and well maintained

Continuing to grow in how to care for each others’ hears

Setting your own person vision and mission statements

Confronting other areas of sin such as hypocrisy, idolatry, sexual sin, and occult practices, rebellion

Maintaining what you’ve built

What to do if your spouse won’t do these things for the marriage.

And so much more!

We know how to use and teach all the tools you need to build the Christ-centered, heart-connecting, spirit-filled marriage you’ve always dreamed of!

Dates are determined based on your availability.


Limited to 8 couples

In this workshop, you will get all the tools you need to build the Christ-centered, heart-connected marriage you’ve always dreamed of. I can give you personal attention using the tools in the workshop so you will go home with a foundation in place to successfully be the builder you want to be.

You can pay the registration fee and the balance when you come to the first class.

Included with this workshop is an assessment valued at $350 and a toolkit of all the materials you will need to build the marriage you want valued at $150

This is the one-day follow-up workshop to our Dunamas® Marriages Building Together  Part I. Although you may be doing great with everything you learned in part I, you don’t want to miss additional tools and training to keep your marriage growing and well-maintained.

Register for both workshops and save!

Not ready to invest in “Building Together Workshops”?

For $150, you can complete an assessment and have a 1-hour introductory session with Dr. Pauline before committing.

This workshop is taught by Dr. Pauline Dillard Exec Dir/CEO of Dunamas Center Ministries. She has  a Ph.D. in Christian Clinical Psychology. While currently she spends most of her time helping couples to build healthy marriages, she is also a PTSD specialist, and has been studying, teaching, and training in psychonutrition since 1982, which she will integrate into Building Together as needed. She has a passion for helping people to be healed in Christ; body, mind and spirit and is gifted in discernment, word of knowledge, teaching and encouragement.

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