Building Together Private Marriage Intensive

Ready to have the  Christ-centered marriage you’ve always wanted?

Now you can! with a Dunamas® Marriages Building Together Private Intensive.

Everything you can expect from a Building Together private marriage intensive plus:

One-on-one counseling

Learn about your spouse’s heart pain

Learn to care for and reverse heart damage

Coaching on how to care for your spouse’s heart

You won’t just learn about it,  you will practice it

With a Dunamas® Marriages Building Together workshop, you will spend 3 hours a day for five days with Dr. Pauline, either live or online. Follow-up appointments are included. (Maximum of five 90 min. appointments).

“We go very deep, very fast, so you can heal quickly and get on with the business of what Jesus wants you and your marriage to represent.”

Dr. Pauline

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Stop the pain and confusion and build the marriage you’ve always dreamed of with a Christ-centered, heart-connecting, Spirit-filled Building Together marriage intensive through Dunamas® Marriages.

Over an 83% success rate

Your private marriage intensive in Colorado Springs will be 5 days for 3 hours daily. Can be done in my offices or on line

This intensive includes the TJTA assessment valued at $150 and a toolkit of workbooks valued at $350.

Once you have paid your registration fee, someone from Dunamas® Marriages will call you to schedule your intensive dates.

What’s included

15 hours of one-on-one marriage counseling & coaching

Toolkit of workbooks and other materials

Taylor Johnson Temperament Assessment

1 Month 90 minute follow up appointment

Free Mastermind Seminar any time after 1 year

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For $150, you can complete an assessment and have a 1-hour introductory session with Dr. Pauline before committing.

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