Before You Put a Ring on it

A wedding is just a day….A marriage is a lifetime!

We don’t need premarital counseling! We’re in love!

Do you know?

Do you know how heart damage will impact your marriage?

Do you know how to reverse pain messages?

Do you know how to talk to your fiancé’s little boy or little girl?

Do you know that your fiancé has a little boy or little girl inside who needs to be cared for?

Do you know how to care for that little boy or little girl?

Do you know how to not lose a heart connection after you begin your sexual relationship (or reclaiming a heart-connected relationship when you’ve already been sexually active)?

Do you know how to continue to have a heart connected marriage adventure 5, 10 or even 50 years down the road?

Don’t be a statistic!

You know, one of those couples who only invested in the wedding day, then realized later they didn’t really know how to care for each other. Maybe they found out they didn’t even like each other. But they thought they were in love! Instead, they get divorced against their better faith judgment, or live a long suffering marriage because they are a Christian.

A premarital intensive at Dunamas® Center Ministries can help you to build a Christ centered, heart connected marriage intensive even before you get married.

Before you spend money on a ring.

Before you spend money on a dress.

Before you spend money on a venue or food.



What’s included

15 hours of heart-connecting premarital counseling with Dr. Pauline

2 Workbooks

Follow up appointment 2 months after the wedding

½ price if you want to do a mastermind group 1 year after marriage

And you will know if you are truly compatible before you spend anything on a wedding

Your Total Value

Payment Options

Pay in Full

& Save!


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Not ready to invest in “Before You Put a Ring On It”?

For $150, you can complete an assessment and have a 1-hour introductory session with Dr. Pauline before committing.

Once you are confirmed for your intensive we will email you some paperwork that you will need to fill out and bring to your first appointment